Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Weatherbug didn't tell me anything about sleet and drizzle this morning. It just said that it was darn cold, practically as cold as when we rode on Saturday. With a wind chill of about 11 degrees. But somehow it forgot to mention that there was a chance of precipitation. Overall, the sleet that I rode through this morning wasn't horribly uncomfortable (not nearly as bad as Nathan's small blizzard- see below) but quite inconvenient nonetheless.

I've learned that, for the greatest chance of being presentable at work, you should apply your mascara at work AFTER your morning bike ride through the sleet. There was a big smudge on my cheek as I arrived, and the rest of my makeup was just about to slide down my face.

Fortunately I brought some makeup with me and salvaged what I could. Lesson learned.

The ride back tonight was pretty enjoyable. It was around 39 degrees and felt great after the first few blocks. I met Nathan about half way home because we needed to be home a little earlier tonight. The ice is almost melted and I only had to brace myself once to go over a little patch. The rest of the week should be warmer so I think we are through the toughest part.



  1. You guys really are crazy, but I admire your spunk. Your deeds are inspiring to others and even caused me to walk to and from work (2 blocks) despite the cold and dark. Be ever watchful of motor vehicles which are much more dangerous than the cold and sleet.

  2. Friend, this made my night! Please be careful out there. I only get one Kris is this life. Keep up the good work!