Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 16

Holy cow- North wind. I hate you.

And I love you too because you pushed me all the way to church this morning. But you made my ride home absolutely miserable.

I actually had to pedal down some hills because the wind gusts were so strong. Ridiculous.

I'll be honest- not to discourage anyone from riding or attempting to commute on a bike- but riding into the wind felt like I was torturing myself. Plus the fact that my legs were still pretty darn tired even after a decent rest yesterday. I secretly had thoughts that I might never get on a bike after this month was over, but those were fleeting. It was a sunny day and that helped the pain a little bit.

Nathan was so encouraging and tried so hard to get my mind off how hard it was to come home. You should be jealous because I have the best husband in the whole world. The other day he said that one of his favorite things about this 30 day challenge is being able to spend some quality time with his wife. Isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever heard?



  1. I feel for you. Sunday was brutal. Didn't do any riding but I can see it would be torture.

  2. my daughter posted your link on my facebook your blog!...I have been commuting from home to work in Broken Arrow for 1.5years in any weather. as for wind "hey its oklahoma" you'll ride with it as much as against it...just be glad you didnt have to drive! Keep on riden and bloggn.