Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 15 - Cycling to Elote

Last night, we met some of our best friends at the local Fresh-Mex restaurant Elote. Elote has some of the freshest local sourced food in town and has a great downtown restaurant atmosphere. It reminds me of the little restaurants in Seattle.

We came in with all our bike gear. It was a little strange to have all our gear for just a little ride downtown, but we are both a little paranoid about flat tires so we bring a pump and tools and tubes with us wherever we go.

Our waiter was a very nice guy who noticed our cycling gear and we got to talking and found out that he bikes to work at Elote from 51st and Peoria. No short ride. We also found out that he is good friends with Casey. We met with Casey as we were gearing up for our little adventure. He was a friend of some friends and he has been carless for a year and a half. It really helped to talk to him and to be reassured that normal people can bike through Tulsa's winters.


  1. Elote's cool. My wife and I ate there last week and I have a post about it tomorrow.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I look forward to reading your post about it.