Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 17- Figuring out grocery shopping

Recently, my uncle passed this idea on to us about how to transport groceries. Nathan is trying to work out the logistics of how we could manufacture this bike, but we are just not sure it's going to work out.

We would probably have to steal a grocery cart somehow. Steering might also be a challenge.

Instead we borrowed a buggy for transporting kids.

It didn't attach well to Nathan's bike so I got the privilege.

We headed over to Braum's to stock up on groceries since it's gonna get cold soon. Real cold.

We didn't hold back.

I started to get nervous about my job of taking all these things home. Milk is heavy...

It fit! Five bags of groceries!! All in that cute little cart.

Needless to say, it was heavy. We didn't choose the easiest route home but it was probably the safest. Owen Park neighborhood has some pretty steep hills. And we were tired. I tried to start up it and I gave it a good effort but ultimately, the hill won. We walked up. But Nathan was sweet, of course, and he walked my bike with the load of groceries up the hill, while I walked his bike.

My legs are rebelling now from the work they had to do. I'm afraid they may not cooperate tomorrow.

But rest assured, we will not starve to death if ice and snow and another arctic front comes through.

A kids's trailer may be the best option for cargo loads. Cars seem to be a bit more careful around us, thinking we are actually carrying children. Nathan was a bit worried someone would call DHS on us for taking kids out in the freezing cold. One man walking commented, "That's a good way to put your kids to sleep." We didn't tell him it was just groceries. Hopefully he doesn't put his kids in a refrigerator to get them to sleep.



  1. Yep. Motorists do give more room when I tow a kiddie cart. They are like GOLD to me at the Salvation Army auctions. To everyone else, it's just trash. There's also a Warehouse Market about a mile from you on the bike path.

    I think I bought a trainer from you guys. You guys live on 6th/North Denver, right?

  2. "Figuring out grocery shopping"

    Highly reccomend an Xtracycle kit.

  3. I am in awe!!!! and yes it is gonna get cold...i typically dont believe our okie weathermen but this time...i am getting prepared

  4. Thanks for the comments. CAP. I looked at the xtracycle website. That is pretty cool. Unfortunately, we do not have the money for that at this point. We spent all our auto savings on winter clothes. I am enjoying your website. Keep up the good work.