Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 13

Not much exciting going on here today. And, when you are biking everywhere, that can definitely be a good thing.

That means no flat tires, no close calls, no need to go buy new bike supplies, no dogs...well, no dog attacks.

We did see the dogs again that chased after us the other day. We headed back to the Pearl Gallery since they are open till 7 on Thursday. We sat and observed the dogs for a while before heading down the street. I think they kind of saw us but, since we weren't moving, they got bored and walked away. We were able to ride by easily but now we clearly understand that 3rd street, just west of Peoria, belongs to those dogs. You've been warned.

We had a great time at the Pearl Gallery. We felt very welcome there and we got to look all around. We got to see some of Celeste Vaught's paintings from her Tulsa Brick by Brick series. They were gorgeous. I loved the painting of the Warehouse Market and Nathan liked the one of Claude's hamburgers.

We are still pretty fortunate to be enjoying good weather in January. Somehow I feel like I'm cheating since it really hasn't been that cold over the past week. I just checked the forecast though and I might just be kicking myself for saying that next week.

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