Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 14- 16 days to go

We are getting tired.

I'll just be honest about that.

But we are still enjoying being out in the city and seeing things that we would never see if we stayed in a car.

Like this tree outside of a restaurant that is completely covered in teenager's signature. Poor tree.

The beautiful display of flowers outside a flower shop on a nice day

The crazy details of the Utica Square clock. kinda creepy, huh?

All completely worth it, don't you think?



  1. Good blog here, Pickards. It does remind me of my time in Sweden back in '01 where I spent 5 months without a bicycle. The major contrast being that it's extremely easy to live in Sweden with only a bicycle (although transporting an IKEA rug on the back of a bicycle still poses its own challenges.) Those five months were the healthiest I think i've been in my life (both physically and mentally), and I think the bicycling everywhere played a bit role in that. Keep it up, kids.

  2. Thanks Chris. That is cool to hear that biking everywhere made you feel the healthiest you've ever felt in your life.