Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 12- Deflated

I have a gift.

I can find invisible sharp objects on the road, ride directly over them and flatten a bike tire in seconds.

Flat tire #2 for me in 12 days.

This time we inserted "Mr. Tuffy."

It's a tough strip that goes into the tire that hopefully prevents sharp objects from penetrating the tube. At least that is what the package claims.

Fortunately, I married a man with a gift that compliments mine. I flatten tires. He changes them.

We're a great team like that.
I realized my tire was flat as I was strapping my helmet on to come home tonight. Fortunately, Nathan was on his way toward me already. He had a tube for my bike in his bag as well as the pump. I went with my flat-tire bike on a short walk to Tom's, a local bike store. We were going to stop there anyway on the way home but now we definitely needed another spare tube for the next time I blow out my tire (unless Mr. Tuffy comes through for us).

We changed the tube without any problems and we're home by dusk. Starving, but nonetheless safe and sound.

In case you are wondering- I haven't written about my first flat tire which was on Day 7. We were riding through downtown on the way to the grocery store after work. I wedged a small, extremely sharp piece of glass into my tire and it was flat instantly. At first I thought that we were just riding over some pretty big ruts in the sidewalk. But then I realized that I had my first ever flat tire.

Nathan, again, saved the day. Though I think, by now, I could change a tire by myself if I had too.



  1. Bike Soup saves all unusable inner tubes as tire liners, and in the future, dresses.

    Also, today on, bikes RULE City Hall:

  2. Maybe when you end your 30 days of being "Carless," you can do another 30 days of it and call it "Tiredless In Tulsa - Living With No Flat Tire For One Month."

    Keep up the great job!


  3. Really enjoying the blog, but more importantly, the journey you two are on. Thanks for chronicling the ups and downs! Happy cycling!

  4. Hey Cousins! Mom turned me on to your fantastic blog and I just finished reading the entire thing (I am very good at not doing work at work). After some lovely reading, I realize how much I take Portland for granted - being able to take public transportation to work and home everyday, sometimes seeing more cyclists than cars, and especially the fact that there are rarely negative degree days. Thanks for making me appreciate my home town that much more and for bringing the joys or carlessness to others!

  5. Good to hear from you Breanna. I know what you mean about taking Portland for granted. We are a long ways off from Portland's transportation options, but we are working towards it. We have just finished our first new comprehensive plan for Tulsa in 30 years. Fregonese Associates from Portland were the consultants and they found out that we want Tulsa to look a lot like Portland in the coming years. You can check out their results at . I have always wanted to move out there but then I come back to the fact that I need to be involved here and help change our city into what it should be instead of just leaving it for my idea of a perfect city.