Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 11- mild rain.

We ran into just a little bit of rain on the way home today. I was riding pretty fast to try to meet Nathan and it started sprinkling about half way home. I met up with him at Centennial Park on 6th street- which, if you haven't visited that new park, is just a beautiful place and one of my favorite places to ride through. The pond is very pretty and the landscaping is wonderful in every season.

Just as we were getting into downtown, it started raining a little bit. Fortunately, it wasn't one of those horrible downpours that can happen in Oklahoma. Just some steady rain to keep us on our toes. My helmet kept most of it our of my eyes and my rain pants and jacket did a darn good job of keeping me pretty dry.

We made it through the rain fairly quickly and as we were coming into our neighborhood it stopped. I was surprised how painless it was.

Rain has been a fear of mine during this 30 day challenge. Nothing I hate more than being wet and cold. But it was a very mild day and the rain wasn't horrible, so feel like I've gotten my feet wet a bit and will be able to handle the next one. Which may certainly be tomorrow. shoot...

And now just for kicks, here is yesterday morning's gorgeous sunrise. This is one of those things I'm enjoying now since I'm actually out of the house early enough to see them.



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  2. Thanks Holly. That was a very helpful article.