Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Savings Summary

There is a great website for all kinds of alternative commuting: www.green-traveler.org. It matches you for carpools; tracks your biking, walking, busing; and then gives you a summary that tells you how great you are.

And according to them, we were pretty great last month. This is just my summary, Kristin's is still to come. So according to them I saved $200 bucks in car expenses.


  1. Just have to say how inspiring your posts have been...also, Sir, how blessed you are to have a spouse willing to follow you on this adventure, she is a rare jewel! hope to see you out riding your bikes, I'll be the short old guy with a big stache, on a long bike, with a big smile.

  2. Cap. Thanks for all your comments along the way. That is true about my wife being a rare jewel. I am very blessed. I hope to see you out on the road some day. I am pretty sure we would notice you.