Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 30+2: Reentering the automotive world

We drove to work the past two mornings. Yesterday because we were expecting up to 6 inches of snow during the day. Today we drove because it was just darn cold- 16 degrees.

I'm not going to lie- it was nice to be in a warm car. The sun was out today which would have made for a more pleasant ride but when the temperature dips below 20 degrees, bike riding can be plain painful. Mainly because my nose gets so stinking cold. cold nose= miserable ride.

I went to the grocery store after work. When you go to the grocery store with a car, you don't have to strategically plan what you need to buy. With a bike, you calculate the weight of the item along with the cost of the item. Then you see if there are any alternatives that would be lighter weight, cheaper and smaller. Space becomes a commodity. Typically, your grocery bill benefits from this planning.

Today, however, I found myself having to remember that I don't have to carry the potatoes or apples in my backpack and physically cart them home myself, making them a viable option for purchase. I bought laundry detergent without a worry and even 15 pound bags of dog food, a purchase we had been avoiding the whole month (my dogs have not been starved however- don't worry). All of this did not benefit my grocery bill, to my husband's dismay. Though secretly, he is glad to have all the food.

I tried to explain the exorbitant bill to Nathan. It went something along the lines of comparing myself to a post-Depression-era woman who is hoarding all the available food for fear that she may not be able to get it in the future.

He didn't really buy it. At least that's what he said as he enjoyed his favorite chips that I bought for him.

After two days of not riding my bike, I now feel kinda lazy. I'm ready for winter to make it's way north so I can have some nice days to ride.



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