Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 28

No drizzling today. No long trains. No ice on the ground.

Not much sun either but you can't ask for everything. Overall, a much better day for riding than yesterday.

We didn't write anything about Wednesday's ride to work this week. In retrospect, there probably shouldn't have been a ride actually. We figured since most of the snow and ice was gone that it would be safe to ride.

We didn't factor in that the temperature was hovering slightly below freezing and the weather man was saying something about "freezing fog." Whatever that is, apparently it is kind of dangerous.

Our first clue that we probably should be walking to the bus instead of being on our bikes was when we encountered some ice on our own driveway. All that melted snow leaves water around and that water had froze in places overnight. We were pretty cautious the whole way there, making our trek longer than usual.

We were almost to my office and passing through a parking lot. Nathan was going up a little incline to get onto the sidewalk when we both realized he was riding on ice. Just as he stopped and started to get off, his bike slipped out from under him and took him with it. It is such an awful site to watch someone fall and not be able to do anything about it. He landed on his backside but fortunately didn't hit his head. He was able to get up alright and just complained of a little wrist pain afterward but that resolved.

That's my side of the story. Maybe he'll share his version another time.


Tonight we walked down to the Brady Arts District for the Brady Arts Crawl which happens on the first Friday of the month. We watched a glass blowing demonstration at the Tulsa Glassblowing Studio. We ventured down to Living Arts for the opening night of their modern quilting exhibit. Quite fascinating what someone can do with some fabric.

It was kind of chilly walking but we were pretty bundled up. We grabbed some food at Mexicali Cafe (where they might just have to best salsa in town). It felt good to walk a little after eating too much.

Rumor is that there are some big plans for the Brady Arts District which we are mostly excited about. Looks like it will make it a very walkable, bikeable community.

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