Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 27. Cold and wet

Wow, kind of a rough day.

At least it was above freezing. That's always nice when it's drizzling and cold. Freezing rain is painful.

And at least is was just drizzling. It could have been a steady rain that got us REALLY wet.

I'm trying to be optimistic here. It's a lot easy to do in hind sight while I'm sitting in a warm dry house. Much more difficult to be in a good mood when I'm riding in the cold and wet. And when my glasses are fogging up from the inside and are all wet on the outside.

And when you run into a long train.

Actually two trains. Can you see one behind the other there?
One was going at a pretty good speed.
The other, however, was not.

And of course, the slow train is the long train.

Nathan knows this is going to be bad.

And I mean the longest train in the. whole. world.
We could not see the end of it.
I didn't know trains could get this long.

We tried to find our way around it by going over a few streets and taking a bridge across the tracks. A plan that sounds good while you are sitting, waiting, watching a long train, and getting wet.

The plan however does not sound good when you are trying to get through a construction zone on a bike (The OneOk baseball field is looking great, though!) and trying to ride on a tight sidewalk up a hill with cars on one side and left-over snow on the other side, and then trying to navigate through heavy downtown traffic.

Needless to say, I don't think we gained any time with our "shortcut."

We both arrived later to work than we anticipated, a little wetter and little wiser.

Lesson learned: Don't try to go around a train, no matter how long, unless you have a very simple alternative path. Trust me.

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