Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 24 - 26 Degrees

A beautiful day for walking.

We started out at 7:15 and walked south on Denver for a mile to the Denver Avenue Bus Station. It was a nice walk and we made it just before Kristin's bus came.

We didn't like how the snow plows pile all the snow up on our sidewalks. That made it a bit difficult to walk quickly.

Kristin got on this bus and I walked a few more blocks to work.

On our mile walk home we noticed for the first time that the original building of the Borden Dairy had some art deco influences.

We also noticed one of Tulsa's most disturbing signs.

I have always liked the modern architecture represented by the county jail.

We talked to this young man on our walk home. He asked us if he was walking the right direction to make it to Vinita. I hope he finds a warm place to stay the night. He said it is hard to have to walk everywhere and Kristin asked him if he knew how far he was going to have to walk in order to get to Vinita. He said he did.

And when we got home there was a surprise waiting on our front porch.


  1. Interesting information from a CDC sponsored study.
    I believe this confirms some of your assumptions re biker safety.

  2. Thanks for the link. That looks like a good report. It says with just 10 percent of travel by bicycle we make up 13 percent of the accidents. I will be interested in looking further into that statistic. Robert Hurst says that the majority of bicycle accidents are from kids and drunk homeless people and when you just concentrate on cyclists commuting to work the accidents are a much lower percentage per cycling mile.

  3. Make us proud, baby!

  4. You are my heroes! We have made use of buses in Europe on several occasions, but people in the States look as us like we're crazy when we do it here. Keep up the good work!

  5. Nancy - Thanks for the comment. Bus riding is getting better in some of the big cities back here in the States, but definitely people look at you like your crazy if you do it in Tulsa.