Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 23

We decided to take the safe route to church. Instead of biking ten miles, we walked across the street to Centenary United Methodist. It was a hymn singing service because it was the fifth Sunday of the month (a tradition they have), and we took part in a potluck afterwards. Everyone was so friendly and kind. I think there were about twenty attending. It is a beautiful church in our neighborhood with an aging congregation but a wonderful pastor who always gives our neighborhood association whatever we need and is super helpful. Our neighborhood meets in one of their rooms every month.

The pastor said that our neighborhood association reminds him of what a church ought to be - a bunch of people meeting together and helping each other out and just taking care of one another. We do live in one of the greatest neighborhoods in America.

We also have one of the best websites in Tulsa.

I took this picture out of our upstairs bedroom window.


  1. It is one of the best neighborhoods in America! And how I miss everyone!

  2. We miss you too. Our neighborhood's greatness dropped considerably when you left.

  3. Yours is a very interesting neighborhood that hasn't been treated all that well by the concentration of all our welfare services adjacent to it.
    Great neighborhood web site.