Thursday, January 14, 2010

Weather Conversations

You know those annoying conversation starters that center on the weather. Well, we seem to be having a lot of those, but they are not as annoying when they are really for a purpose. They are required for preservation of life and limb.

It goes something like this in the morning:
How cold is it out there?
Ahhhh man...
How about the wind?
10 mph from the north.
Well at least we will be okay going south to work.

This morning the answer was 45 degrees. Woo hoo. Wind direction 4 mph from the southeast. That shouldn't hurt us too bad as long as it is just 4 mph.

It is amazing how much of our lives are climate controlled and we never really get to fully appreciate the changing of the seasons. In Tulsa the weather keeps you young because it can change in a moment and it never lets you get into a rut. As soon as you suspect another dry day a storm comes out of nowhere. Lesson to be learned: Always keep rain gear on your bike. And also, weathermen are never to be trusted.

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