Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 6: Bad Tire

It was a great morning for biking. The weather was mild, very little wind and the sunrise was beautiful. We only got to enjoy part of it before Nathan popped out his back tire crossing 11th street.

But luckily I married a man with some serious bike tire changing skills. Watch this...

He changed the tire in less than 15 minutes and we were back on the road before I knew it. It was his back tire, no less, and that is a little trickier to take off than the front one.

I was a little late pulling into work but still had time do get everything done by the time I started seeing patients.

Lesson learned: Always carry an extra tube and pump.



  1. Whydon'tchoo start a bikepool? Share the love.

    Stop by Bike Soup Co-op for coffee and repairs.

  2. Tulsa Tweed Ride: 1100, Saturday, 30 JAN 10, @Bike Soup Co-op, 308 S Phoenix.