Monday, January 18, 2010


Well, I would feel dishonest if I didn't share about my little fall last night.

If we are really trying to portray what life is like riding around on bikes, we should probably talk about both the ups and (literally) downs of this lifestyle. It's only fair. But there will be no pictures of my bruised limbs, rest assured.

We were riding just a few blocks down the street last night for dinner at a neighbor's house. If there is anything we have riden numerous times, it is this path to our friend's house. I'm sure I could practically ride there with my eyes closed- though clearly, with last night evidence, I should not be doing that.

I'll blame the recent cold weather and numeous freezes and refreezes as well as the relative lack of light along this particular block. I'm not really sure what exactly happened, though I remember identifying the pothole on my left. Then I looked straight in front of me and saw something large and black on the street. My last thought before I hit the object was "That mostly looks like a rock."

It actually was a 5 inch piece of asphalt that must have come from the pothole. I hit it straight on and my bike kind of teetered side to side before I fell straight over, hitting my right knee and then my left elbow, and narrowly avoiding scraping up my face. I also ended up with a large bruise on my right leg and I think that's where my handle bar must have hit.

Mom- don't worry, I'll never do that again.

Just a little bruised up today but otherwise pretty functional. I was a bit sore riding in to work today and we took it just a little bit slower.

We'll be getting a brighter light for our bikes today so next time I will be able to identify the rock a bit sooner and spare myself some bruises.

I know there are safety risks when bike riding, but there are also inherent risks with any mode of transportation. When I drive to work, I have to cross fours lanes on a highway within about seven seconds to make it to my exit. I merge four different times on three highways within about four minutes to go to work, while I'm passed by cars going 65 mph. Danger is everywhere, you know. Just be careful out there.


  1. I just never ride on the street anymore except when I'm crossing one.

  2. Don't forget coffee at Bike Soup, before the Tausha Borland arraignment, 0930. Back in June, Tausha tagged Christa Voss and Matt Edmonds, our spandexed kin, on eastbound SH51, Sapulpa.

    Also, we are rolling two fresh ghost bikes out to the site on Saturday, 1100, starting at Whiteside Park, 4009 S Pittsburgh. Their ghost bikes were flattened and mangled. The ride is 30 miles, round trip. Prepare appropriately.