Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 9- I'm exhausted.

Talk about a long day of biking.

We left the house about 8 AM to be at church on time. (And to attempt to look presentable by the time it started at 9:15.) If the estimate is correct, Google Maps says that we rode 9.5 miles. We pulled into the parking lot and had locked up our bikes by 8:53. It was a bit chillier than I had expected and the sun was no where to be found this morning. But it was a very peaceful ride down Riverside. I've never seen the river so smooth. The geese were out and making some noise. There are some beautiful places in Tulsa and we've enjoyed seeing them at a slower pace this week.

We met my parents for lunch at Whole Foods. I was so proud of my mom for not worrying about us too much. I know this hasn't been easy on her. We enjoyed a nice lunch and it was a nice break in the ride home.

Nathan's bike resting at Whole Foods where the sun decided to come out finally.
His shoes are stuffed into that left side pocket

We stopped at Braums on the way home for a few groceries (again.)
We've noticed that our grocery spending has gone up a bit this past week.
We've been so hungry the past few days. I guess you have to buy "fuel" whichever way you get around town.

Nathan was kind and carried the milk home. I've noticed that some of my grocery decisions are starting to be made on how heavy the item is. I just couldn't bring myself to buy potatoes.

We are working on a better solution for transporting groceries. Small trips quite often make for very tired bikers. I need a little basket on my bike or something. Nathan is brainstorming as we speak.

Thanks, Braum's, for letting me double bag my groceries to make sure they all got home safely. And to the four people behind me in line, thanks for waiting while the checkout lady awkwardly tried to double bag my stuff.



  1. Bike Soup has surplus bikes that are no longer usable as bikes. So, we re-purpose them into trailers. Come by and we'll weld a couple of them up for you, before we begin our move into a much larger, more accessible space near OU-Tulsa/Promenade Mall. We had a great run next to Blue Jack. If we can do it there, we can do Bike Soup in any given Tulsa neighborhood. We will move all our stuff out by bike, 29-31 JAN 2010. Move by Bike. Coffee, power bars, and brunch for all volunteers. And, don't forget TweedTUL!

  2. We can also do Bike Buckaroos.

  3. Here's a link to that bike I was telling you guys about. It's called a Madsen and it's right on the line of excessive and awesome. It may help Nathan with his brainstorming!

  4. Thanks for the link to That is great. Now the people with one or two kids have no excuse. :)

  5. Makes me wonder if Justin and Leah reading this....;-D (Once while biking I did happen to cross paths with them in downtown Tulsa where they also were, with kids, on bikes.)


  6. Nathan and Kristin - You are both so awesome and your Aunt Renee is extremely proud to call you related! You have taken on presumably one of the most unfriendly bike towns (not to mention pro-oil enclaves). Do you hear all that cheering for you going on in P-town?