Thursday, January 7, 2010

I think we might be crazy....

As the days get closer that we will start living without a car for a month, I am just baffled about how I agreed to this idea. I feel that it was pretty out of character for me to agree with this crazy idea. Usually, my husband has to presuade and prod and convince me to do anything out of the ordinary, but somehow I just agreed to this idea without much prodding. Must not have been thinking clearly. I don't think I had been drinking any alcohol that day.

I don't think I'd been too worried about this crazy idea if the weatherman would stop warning me of the dangers of frostbite. Luck would have it that the Arctic front moves into Oklahoma on the day we are supposed to start biking everywhere. My hands and feet typically stay about 25 degrees below my body temperature anyway, so I'm not sure what it going to happen when I expose them to wind chills of -10 while on a bike. (my husband sometimes thinks my feet feel like a corpse). What if my hands fall off?

Aside from the extreme temperature problem, I have quite a few other concerns. Here they are in no particular order:

- When I arrive to work in the morning on my bike, is my hair going to be all smushed down? Am I going to have helmet hair? Is my makeup going to be all smudged from my facemask?

- I'm not quite sure where my bike is going to go while I'm at work. My office is probably not the best idea, seeing as this is a professional medical practice and all.

- Is it going to be dark on the ride home? or on the ride in? Granted it is only about 4 miles but who likes riding in the dark?

- Am I going to be all sweaty from my many layers by the time I get to work? How professional it that?

- We are riding 7 miles to church on Sunday morning. Will I smell by the time I get there?

- Cars. Please don't hit me.

That's enough. I'm getting more nervous.


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