Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 3 - 28 degrees - Ride One of Two

So we made it to work. We had to wake up at 5:45 and were out the door by 6:55. We arrived at Kristin's work (4 miles away) at 7:28. That is not bad considering it is generally up hill to get there and considering we had to walk our bikes over ice in several locations.

We took the Midland Valley trail a good portion of the way. Not having to worry about cars is nice, although the majority of our ice walking was on this trail. Hopefully the ice will thaw out in the next couple days.

We packed my garment bag (which is made for a bicycle rack) with three pairs of dress pants for her and a coat for her to keep at work. I also stuffed my lunch in it, bike lock, pump, extra tubes, socks, etc. She had her sweater and another shirt in her backpack I believe. I already have my suit jackets and pants and ties at work so I just wore my dress shirt over my underarmour long sleeve shirt and t-shirt, and then under my jacket. I was worried it would be wrinkled but it wasn't. I think that is because I didn't wear a backpack (just used my garment bag pannier for everything).

I was wearing biking shoes with wool socks underneath and my feet were freezing. This is very interesting considering I wore the exact same thing on our trial run and my feet were perfectly warm the whole time. And it was 10 degrees colder on the trial run. I sat in her office for a few minutes this morning with my feet in front of her little portable electric heater. That warmed them up and they were just fine on the way back to my office.

My office is about 3 miles from Kristin's office. I am looking at 14 miles a day to ride with her both ways. I can't wait for the ice to go away so I can get on my road bike. My mountain bike weighs a ton.

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  1. Stop by Bike Soup Co-op, 308 S Phoenix. Five blocks west of BoK, three blocks north of Newblock Park Bike Path. Free coffee for cyclists.