Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 2 - Super cold and uneventful

We hitched a ride to church in the morning from our neighbors. It was 6 degrees and we didn't know if we could make it seven miles in that kind of cold. Other than that we stayed in for the rest of the day and read. It was a peaceful day and hopefully we are ready for a week of riding.

So did we fail our mission for thirty days without the car? Well, we have talked with two guys now who have ditched their cars in Tulsa and are traveling on pedal power. Both of them said that there are a few days in the winter where they will hitch a ride (either bus or friend). We would have preferred a bus (to stay more carless than riding with friends), but there was no bus heading to our church on Sunday. We are prepared to take the bus if there are any more blizzards during the workweek.

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