Sunday, January 31, 2010

Poll Results for "Are you required to use your car at work?"

Thanks for joining in on the poll everyone. The question was, "Are you required to use your own car at work?" The answers were:

- 3 - "Yes, at least once a week."
- 4 - "Yes, at least three days a week."
- 3 - "Yes, never sure what day I will need it."
- 13 - "No, I would consider other forms of transportation."
- 3 - "No, but I want to drive to work anyway."

Out of 26 respondents, fifty percent are not required to use their car for work and would consider other forms of transportation. So my next question is, "What is keeping you from using a bicycle to commute to work?"


  1. Mayors Go Car-Free:

  2. Simple... There are no sidewalks down Memorial to the Memorial Metro Station at 34th and Memorial. Imagine that, no sidewalks on a major arterial to a BUS STATION. They seem to stop around 46th as well as the option for any back road routes. Riding a bicycle for that single mile northbound in rush hour would be a death wish as far as I'm concerned.

  3. Thanks for the comment. That is so rotten that they do not have sidewalks along memorial there. I would suggest calling INCOG and asking them what alternative a biker is supposed to take at that location. They need to know when bikers can't even make it to the bus depot. Also, they may already have an alternative route through a neighborhood on their map that they can tell you about. There number is 584-7526. There website with bike maps is

  4. Unfortunately, INCOG doesn't have a designated alternate route parallel to Memorial. Due to the residential developments wanting to discourage through traffic, it is nearly impossible to find an alternate route running anywhere near parallel to Memorial. Even INCOG’s Mingo Valley Trail stops between 41st & 81st. I have a friend who tries to commute occasionally from 61st & Memorial to 91st & Memorial and he said what is a 3-mile trip down Memorial becomes a nearly 9-mile trip through the neighborhoods and he still has to ride in the grass along-side Memorial at a couple of places because the neighborhoods don't connect. We both agree that riding on Memorial proper, with no shoulder and the huge amount of traffic, just isn’t safe. I ride the commercial streets from 51st & Memorial to 38th & Sheridan and hook up to 36th St on my commute downtown.

    I have to use my car for work at least once a week, but I’m fortunate that I can leave my car at work overnight and commute by bike at least 2 – 3 days a week.

    Keep up the great blog. :-)