Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 20

We woke up this morning prepared for the worst but, as Nathan said, "it was as dry as a bone." No rain, no sleet, no freezing rain and no snow. We were completely ready to take the bus to work. But the cloudless sky was just begging us to ride our bikes into work. How could we not continue on this crazy challenge of ours if the weather was perfectly fine out there now?

At least that's what Nathan said.

I, on the other hand, I was thinking that surely just as soon as I popped my head out the door, the freezing rain would start.

I was also thinking how great it would be just to stay in bed all morning. But I knew that sadly wasn't an option.

The radar was completely clear and the precipitation wouldn't be around for another few hours. So we packed up and headed out, but not without an extra layer. I arrived at work a little late and actually a little hot from the extra layer.

The rain/sleet/freezing rain started slowly about noon. I was planning on taking the bus home but was able to leave while the rain wasn't too heavy. And because I have the best boss in the world, I was able to head home after I had finished all my work for the day. Fortunately, no one else wanted to come in for a doctor's appointment after the rain started. So I packed up and left about 12:45. But this time without my extra layer, which I would later regret.

As I have been learning this month, there is a first time for everything.
- First time to ride in rain
- First time to ride more than 10 miles
- First time to balance three bags of groceries on my handlebars
- First time to hit a piece of asphalt in the dark and fall on your bike and be bruised for two weeks (yes, large bruise on my leg is still very much there)

- First time to accumulate freezing rain on your gloves

- First time to freeze a helmet but still remain amazingly dry.

- First time to think that I really might be just a little bit crazy. My husband, however, is truly crazy- I have no doubt about that. This was all his idea.

But we are now home safe and sound and hopefully not leaving for some time. The ice is beginning to accumulate on the trees and streets and, unfortunately, powerlines. Just another one of life's adventures.



  1. see what you would have missed?
    "adventure Skyler, adventure!"

  2. Just found your blog (on Twitter, via @tashadoestulsa) - love it! Love it! I tried to bike more than drive this last summer - but I didn't bike to work. Traffic can be brutal, and street conditions (pot holes, rough areas)were difficult to navigate around.

    However, I made small trips - grocery runs w/my removable bike basket, anything around Brookside, including the river trails. (Here's a post & my Electra Townie:

    Keep going!


  3. Wow! You guys are amazing! I have wanted to bike to my work for about two years now, but Nathan has said it would be too dangerous. It's less than 3 miles one way to my work. I think it would be great! The exrecise, the views, the whole experience would be great! We shall see in the future if it becomes reality for me. You two keep cycling! What an awesome anniversary adventure!!

  4. Kristin, a first you won't experience: ice in your beard. I've not had that biking. I've fenders on the bike so that I can ride even if the roads are wet. But I hate fighting rust. Salty roads increase that concern. So while I've biked in rain a few times, I've never had the joy of biking in freezing rain, sleet, and snow. Just running in it. That's where I got the iceperience. Not much compared to your and Nathan's fun. Glad you see life as something to live. Makes me think of Reepicheep insisting on taking the adventure Aslan lay before him. ;D