Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 19. 11 possibly very cold days left

Did we say 30 consecutive days?

I don't remember writing that anywhere on this blog.

If there is anything that may put a little damper on this 30 day challenge, it would be The Ice Storm of 2010. There are no weeks of my life more embedded in my mind than the Ice Storm of 2007. And none that I would like more to forget than that week.

But just so we won't forget, here's a few reminders.

This is not supposed to look like a Christmas tree. It's supposed to look like an oak tree.
Plants are resilient though. These little suckers actually popped back up and did great the next year.
Everything. covered. in. ice.

No damage to the old rusty truck. That tree just tore everything else up including the neighbors power line. And that is our power line at the top of the picture- not where it should be.

Apparently, there is something called the Ice Index and Tulsa is going to be in the "4" zone tomorrow and Friday. That's 4 out of 5. Keep in mind that 5 is the black zone, meaning you're-not-going-anywhere, you-have-no-power-for- 2-weeks.

I promise if we have to drive our car to save our lives anytime in the next 5 days, we'll tack that day on the the end of the challenge. Deal? I haven't run this by Nathan but I'm sure he'll understand.

Any advise from all you seasoned commuters?



  1. Advise requested, here goes...quit letting the news fear/crisis media run your life...if you are going to bicycle commute on ice get some studded tires...if it does get as bad as they say it will, bike commuters will fair far better that cager's... also you won't be the only nut out there on a bike, Ole Cap will pedal the 16 miles to work and love it! If you don't go by bike a few days don't beat yourself up there are plenty of nice days ahead! but wouldn't it be fun to try?

  2. You can do it! But be safe. At least you be able to start your 'car' tomorrow morning....

  3. I avoid riding here in Tulsa when there's snow and ice, not because I'm afraid of falling, but because motorists here are generally lousy at dealing with it. I grew up in Pennsylvania where driving on the stuff was much more common. Studded tires would be nice, as Cap suggested, but you'd only use them for a couple of days every winter. I couldn't justify the expense.